Simple Beauty

January 29, 2012

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

 A very wise person once said.  And it is so true.  Beauty- when you come to it with the right attitude and a listening with an opening heart- it can overwhelm you.  Just like truth, true pure beauty speaks and radiates- at least to the person listening to it.

Finding this beauty is rather hard because it's in small insignificant things- like a mama's smile, a spool of thread, a basket with story, or even a sewing bobbin.  These things manage to be pure and authentic because they are the small and insignificant.  They are so true because they are simply themselves without imitating anything else.  They are simply beautiful because they are what they were created to be and that's where true beauty lies.  You just have to be open to see it and let it speak to you in it's simple, truthful way.

It's been a happy, quiet sort of weekend- the kind I love most- with coffee with Mama and Morgan, writing poems, drawing, and peace.  How's was your weekend?


Cookie love

January 25, 2012

I like cookies.  A good deal, apparently.  Who wouldn't?  After all, the smooth, thick aroma gliding around the kitchen, beckons for love, and the slightly salty/buttery outside that compliments a warm nutty interior calls "put-your-name-here."

Cookies have to be perfect, too.  If they can manage to all be eaten within ten minutes, last a life time in the family's favorite recipes box, and be addicting then they are pronounced trustworthy.   It's usually hard to find the perfect recipe because well, admit it, chocolate chip cookies may be the best thing since Jane Austen, but eventually you'll...


want to try something new.  And there happens to be a paraphernalia of cookies recipes all saying the same thing in bold print "I am a 5 star, 347 people rater, most amazing cookie that ever lived."  It's intimidating and you know it.  I know you know it because I go through the same thing when I want to try something new.  I've gone through it lately actually.  And I was lucky enough to bump into the most amazing cookie recipe I've ever used.  And the cookies were ravishing and my family and friends loved them.

original recipe from Tasty Kitchens

1 stick Unsalted Butter, Softened
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Brown Sugar, Packed
3 whole Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla
2 teaspoons Baking Soda
1 teaspoon Kosher Salt
1-½ cup Peanut Butter
4 cups Oatmeal

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Cream butter and sugars, add eggs and vanilla mix until combined, then remaining ingredients and mix until combined.
Line a baking sheet with a silpat or parchment then scoop out cookies using a medium cookie scoop.
Bake for 15 min until done then let sit for a few minutes before transferring to a rack.
Makes 3 dozen cookies


A prairie sunrise

January 21, 2012

 Peering out the car window, I see to the back of me a multitude of clouds.  They are a rosy pink.  To the left of me, a blue sky sits contentedly awaiting dawn.  To my right, the vast prairie stretches farther than my eye can see.  But at the end, where the sky touches the cold dark ground, a hazy gold lights the background.  It's like a gold rim complimenting the black.  And it keeps spreading all around.

Realizing what's happening, I grab my camera and video awaiting the inevitable.  I video and wait.

Then like a golden jewel a diamond of pure liquid light erupts.  I find myself breathless.  It's more precious than any jewel!  I watch the sun mount and grow wider, the horizon brighter, the sky a bit brighter, the stars gone and the moon fading away, honoring the sun's majesty.  And as I watch the sun's glory as it begins it's rule over the sky, I thank God for creating sunrises.


Little man

January 18, 2012

He came in while I was studying biology.  Little man tiptoed over giving me the most adorable eye expressions.  The lighting was wonderful, so, for thirty minutes biology was neglected.  Yeah, I love homeschooling.

"My" little man is so photogenic, yes?  How can one little man have such beautiful, clear green eyes, and the most adorable voice that simply melts my heart?  I love him.  I'll always cherish this time I have with little man because, before long, he's not going to be just a little man any more.

I found him later in his cowboy attire- it's rare to find him without it-.  He, not I, asked if I wanted to go take pictures.  See?  I got him trained.  He tends to goof off and make silly faces- I used to hate that I could never get him to just smile and look angelic...  but I realized today that I'm not taking pictures of a photographer's dream kid- the one who irresistibly smiles with the most priceless expressions.  I'm taking pictures of Aidan.  The silly, goofy little boy I call baby brother and little man.  And he lives up to that name... and much more.

Love you Aidan,
Big sis.


January 14, 2012

It's been a hurricane of papers, ideas, baking, writing, school, friends, newspapers, and prayers this week.  I finish the week off breathless and ever so thankful for the weekend.  It seems hard just to take life slowly anymore - it's like it's one big race and we need to get through it and grow up as soon, and as fast as possible.  While I watch my life spin by at a frightening pace, I recap and wonder why I'm so eager to get to the end of this marathon.  Why can't I just take each moment, a second at a time, and live each with a fulfillment and brim to the top with love?

I don't really have many answers to and of life's questions...  but I comfort myself in knowing I can still do something about it.  So here I am, wondering how to take life slower, and I find myself returning to the same answer: simply live sincerely and take life at it comes, and while you're at it, find the beauty and goodness that God put in it.

So, what have you been thinking about?

paper heart garland

January 12, 2012

This has been my most recent <3 as of this week :-)  And as promised, a tutorial:

  1. cut out hearts from newspaper or whatever paper you like.  And, if you want your garland exactly like mine, then cut out 10 hearts
  2. thread some embroidery floss {as long as you'll want your garland} through a medium sized needle.  
  3. make a large stitch right through the middle of a heart.  See above ^  
  4. Tape the back of the heart and floss so the heart doesn't slip down the floss.  Repeat steps 3 and four until you have a total of 3 hearts on your string.  Repeat again on another string the same size as your first string.  Repeat again on a longer string and have 4 hearts on it
  5. tie the top of each of your strings to a twig (of about 12 inches of length, evenly spacing each string of hearts.
  6. cut a very long piece of string (about 20 inches or so) and tie ends to twig sides.
  7. hang your heart garland wherever you like and you are through!
Pleaseeeee tell me if you have any problems or need help!


To simply listen.

January 7, 2012

Throughout the whirlwind of today- you know- the fast paced lives, everything must be perfect to a "t," that feeling of insignificance it has become so difficult to simply listen.  Reading something without just scanning it over, listening to a story and hanging on every word, saying something and really being sincere.  To look at a picture and really, just be in awe of the beauty inside it.  To simply listen to the beauty inside of everything.  Not just looking... but seeing too.  It's hard, I know.  But know this:  there is a uniqueness in everything and it's beautiful.  You just have to find it and acknowledge the beauty.

How many times have I missed out on advice, inspiration, a wonderful memory to be cherished because I simply did not want to stop and listen?  I didn't take time to find the good or the beauty in what was before me.

So now, I listen as I hear the whisper in the tree tops outside my window, the sincerity in my little sister's talking as she tries to voice her thoughts, I look for the good in a grainy picture and find, it's not how the picture comes that makes it inspirational...  It's what it is that matters.

I've been busy redoing my bulletin board and making the heart garland this week.  Twas what kept me busy with the good old hammer and such.  It was lots of fun and I *should* have a tutorial for the heart garland coming up soon.


Authentic Blogging

January 6, 2012

The end of the day hits, it's night out, and I sit, listening to a rustle in the trees and slowly, carefully, record my life into my journal.  The pencil (mechanical, thank you very much) scratches away and words are chosen then written.  My day is all summed up, every night, with pencil and 2 pages of paper

Just like then, I find myself wondering what to write.  How do I begin?  What pictures should I post?  Will people like what I write?  Is it good?  Is it sincere?  Is it me?  Is it true?  Or am I just trying to be like "place-popular-girl's-name-here."

I've said before, I've trouble not wishing to be someone else.  The girl who has the wonderfully likeable disposition, the funny, pleasing way of speaking, the capability to make anyone smile... and who has brains to write a brilliant post every time she blogs.

I see girls' blogs brushed over and scarcely paid any attention to because they don't have the perfect blog style or look.  They don't write quite as fluently as some.  Or maybe people are just prejudiced against them because they haven't got many followers.  Maybe I'm one of those girls- who knows.  I'd like to encourage every girl that reads this that

please don't worry if your blog isn't "up to date" or popular, or hasn't got many followers.  

It's okay because that's what God wants for you.  And the last thing you need to do is to start styling your writing to look like "put-fantasy-girl's-name-here."  Nothing should be written by you if it's not pure inspiration and completely yours.  Whatever else you write, whether it's based off a post from someone's blog months back, or a chapter in a book, it's being dishonest.


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Be yourself because that's who God has picked for you.