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January 6, 2012

The end of the day hits, it's night out, and I sit, listening to a rustle in the trees and slowly, carefully, record my life into my journal.  The pencil (mechanical, thank you very much) scratches away and words are chosen then written.  My day is all summed up, every night, with pencil and 2 pages of paper

Just like then, I find myself wondering what to write.  How do I begin?  What pictures should I post?  Will people like what I write?  Is it good?  Is it sincere?  Is it me?  Is it true?  Or am I just trying to be like "place-popular-girl's-name-here."

I've said before, I've trouble not wishing to be someone else.  The girl who has the wonderfully likeable disposition, the funny, pleasing way of speaking, the capability to make anyone smile... and who has brains to write a brilliant post every time she blogs.

I see girls' blogs brushed over and scarcely paid any attention to because they don't have the perfect blog style or look.  They don't write quite as fluently as some.  Or maybe people are just prejudiced against them because they haven't got many followers.  Maybe I'm one of those girls- who knows.  I'd like to encourage every girl that reads this that

please don't worry if your blog isn't "up to date" or popular, or hasn't got many followers.  

It's okay because that's what God wants for you.  And the last thing you need to do is to start styling your writing to look like "put-fantasy-girl's-name-here."  Nothing should be written by you if it's not pure inspiration and completely yours.  Whatever else you write, whether it's based off a post from someone's blog months back, or a chapter in a book, it's being dishonest.


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Be yourself because that's who God has picked for you.



Grace said...

oh, gabby dear I think you are an amazing youn lady...a true inspiration. thank you so much for just being yourself for that is the sweet, kind, funny, darling who I knew I would love to be friends with, no in fact sisters with. and how blessed and honored I feel to cal you that.
my friend and I were chatting about the "put the popular girl here" and how much pressure she must be under sometimes because she might feel like she has to post the most amazing and awe inspiring posts for her readers that sort of expects it of her....I don't know if this is truly the case but I know I would feel it.:P

Love you, darling!
your goosey girl.
postscript: I love your journal...I too fill up at least two pages a day. Oh, and mechanical pencil? love them.

Emily Ruth said...

Gabby, this is simply lovely. It is so true! Thank you for putting how I feel into words. {Oh, and I always use mechanical pencils. They're the best. :)}

Emily Ruth said...

p.s. I really like your new header and photo!

Mikailah said...

Thank you so much for this post, Gabby! This same thing has been laid on my heart... not trying to fit in, just being who God made us to be.


P.S. I am following! :)

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