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January 6, 2012

Is it already 2012?  It can't be- I won't allow it.  But alas, here it is and here I am twirling my pencil in my fingers wondering what this year's resolution is.  But this year, I really don't want to make a neat little list of resolutions, hang them on the wall and cross them out when happily accomplished.  But don't get me wrong, I love resolutions and goals just as much as anybody... but this time, I want to put my focus on one thing.  Just one.  I want my life, my goals, my heart and mind, my wishes and dreams to revolve around King Jesus.  I can't really accomplish anything satisfactorily unless He's my first goal.  If I can be completely content in Him, then everything else is just "extra." So, come what may and whatever happens this year, other than living for Jesus, is a bonus :-)

I've been having a hammer, nails, saw, knifes, and duct tape in my hand for the last few days...  I've been re-decorating generally anything I want to improve :-)  But more on that later!

Have a lovely day!


Rachel said...

amazing post! You inspired me to focus my New Year's resolution on Jesus. ( ironic isn't it, that you inspired me, and you blog is called inspired:)

Jessica said...

she's so cute, twirling. Those shots of the grass are lovely♥


mary ann said...

Wow, you take amazing pictures! I'm a new follower :)

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