Little man

January 18, 2012

He came in while I was studying biology.  Little man tiptoed over giving me the most adorable eye expressions.  The lighting was wonderful, so, for thirty minutes biology was neglected.  Yeah, I love homeschooling.

"My" little man is so photogenic, yes?  How can one little man have such beautiful, clear green eyes, and the most adorable voice that simply melts my heart?  I love him.  I'll always cherish this time I have with little man because, before long, he's not going to be just a little man any more.

I found him later in his cowboy attire- it's rare to find him without it-.  He, not I, asked if I wanted to go take pictures.  See?  I got him trained.  He tends to goof off and make silly faces- I used to hate that I could never get him to just smile and look angelic...  but I realized today that I'm not taking pictures of a photographer's dream kid- the one who irresistibly smiles with the most priceless expressions.  I'm taking pictures of Aidan.  The silly, goofy little boy I call baby brother and little man.  And he lives up to that name... and much more.

Love you Aidan,
Big sis.


Grace said...

He looks so much like his older sister!!! :) He is just darling {but don't tell him I told you that, although his big sis must dote over him quite often. ;)}

*sigh* well, someday I simply MUST meet you and your dear family.

your goosey girl.
tending her garden @

Willa Nicole said...

I couldn't stop smiling as I read your post, Gabby! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

He is so cute!

Mikailah said...

HOW sweet!!! :) I love the pictures. <3 He is so cute; ahem handsome. :)


Laurel said...

Very cute! I love the pictures.


Jessica said...

LOL, that last one was the best! HE's gonna be a regular lady's man with that cowboy hat ;)


Emily Ruth said...

Awww!! He is too cute! I love his hat, and my favorite photo is the one where he is touching the brim of his hat - too adorable!

Gabby said...

Thanks y'all and I've told him everything. He likes the attention.

Meghan said...

Feel the same about my brother, only up here in Canada he's more into worriors :)

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