paper heart garland

January 12, 2012

This has been my most recent <3 as of this week :-)  And as promised, a tutorial:

  1. cut out hearts from newspaper or whatever paper you like.  And, if you want your garland exactly like mine, then cut out 10 hearts
  2. thread some embroidery floss {as long as you'll want your garland} through a medium sized needle.  
  3. make a large stitch right through the middle of a heart.  See above ^  
  4. Tape the back of the heart and floss so the heart doesn't slip down the floss.  Repeat steps 3 and four until you have a total of 3 hearts on your string.  Repeat again on another string the same size as your first string.  Repeat again on a longer string and have 4 hearts on it
  5. tie the top of each of your strings to a twig (of about 12 inches of length, evenly spacing each string of hearts.
  6. cut a very long piece of string (about 20 inches or so) and tie ends to twig sides.
  7. hang your heart garland wherever you like and you are through!
Pleaseeeee tell me if you have any problems or need help!



Emily Ruth said...

I like this idea! Unfortunately, it finally snowed today so I can't go out and get a stick. I will try and fin something else to use, though.

Jessica said...

These things are so cute. THing is, I just can't bring myself to cut a book apart! DX

Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Mikailah said...

Thanks for the tutorial! :) So cute.... :) You could probably use newspaper too???

Mikailah~ ;)

Gabby said...

You are all quite welcome for the tutorial!

Jessica//Mikailah: You could use newspapers instead of a book. That's what I used as I couldn't bring myself to tear up a book either!

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