A prairie sunrise

January 21, 2012

 Peering out the car window, I see to the back of me a multitude of clouds.  They are a rosy pink.  To the left of me, a blue sky sits contentedly awaiting dawn.  To my right, the vast prairie stretches farther than my eye can see.  But at the end, where the sky touches the cold dark ground, a hazy gold lights the background.  It's like a gold rim complimenting the black.  And it keeps spreading all around.

Realizing what's happening, I grab my camera and video awaiting the inevitable.  I video and wait.

Then like a golden jewel a diamond of pure liquid light erupts.  I find myself breathless.  It's more precious than any jewel!  I watch the sun mount and grow wider, the horizon brighter, the sky a bit brighter, the stars gone and the moon fading away, honoring the sun's majesty.  And as I watch the sun's glory as it begins it's rule over the sky, I thank God for creating sunrises.



Jessica said...

That was amazingly beautiful!♥ Thank you for sharing :)

Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Mikailah said...

beautiful.... ahhhhh. :) God's creations are so amazing. I like the pictures!! (And the prairie... :))



Grace said...

This is lovely!!!


Emily Ruth said...

Lovely sunrise photos and video!

Meghan said...

How beautiful!
follow me?

Gabby said...

Thank you, ladies, for all of your encouraging comments!

yours truly :-)

Sonja said...

Beautiful! :-) I love the photos!


mary ann said...

that video is beautiful! as is your new blog design - reminds me lots of hannah's!

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