Simple Beauty

January 29, 2012

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

 A very wise person once said.  And it is so true.  Beauty- when you come to it with the right attitude and a listening with an opening heart- it can overwhelm you.  Just like truth, true pure beauty speaks and radiates- at least to the person listening to it.

Finding this beauty is rather hard because it's in small insignificant things- like a mama's smile, a spool of thread, a basket with story, or even a sewing bobbin.  These things manage to be pure and authentic because they are the small and insignificant.  They are so true because they are simply themselves without imitating anything else.  They are simply beautiful because they are what they were created to be and that's where true beauty lies.  You just have to be open to see it and let it speak to you in it's simple, truthful way.

It's been a happy, quiet sort of weekend- the kind I love most- with coffee with Mama and Morgan, writing poems, drawing, and peace.  How's was your weekend?



Jessica said...

Lovely shots. Do you sew?


Emily Ruth said...

My weekend was really busy, but good and fun. I like your photos! The spool is very pretty.

Grace said...

these are lovely, darling!!!! simply beautifully lovely. ;)

I just received your {wonderfully} lengthy letter from a sweet little dearie I am blessed to call my sweet twin sister. *wink*

extra hugs,
your goosey twin sis.

Mikailah said...

:) lovely...

Katie said...

oddly similar to yours actually. Beautiful pictures Gabby!

Gabriella Lindsay said...

You ladies are so wonderful! Thanks for all the lovely comments,


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