January 14, 2012

It's been a hurricane of papers, ideas, baking, writing, school, friends, newspapers, and prayers this week.  I finish the week off breathless and ever so thankful for the weekend.  It seems hard just to take life slowly anymore - it's like it's one big race and we need to get through it and grow up as soon, and as fast as possible.  While I watch my life spin by at a frightening pace, I recap and wonder why I'm so eager to get to the end of this marathon.  Why can't I just take each moment, a second at a time, and live each with a fulfillment and brim to the top with love?

I don't really have many answers to and of life's questions...  but I comfort myself in knowing I can still do something about it.  So here I am, wondering how to take life slower, and I find myself returning to the same answer: simply live sincerely and take life at it comes, and while you're at it, find the beauty and goodness that God put in it.

So, what have you been thinking about?


Grace said...

this is beautiful! yes, it seems like we all go about our lives too busy to just take a moment and reflect on how beautiful it really is. :)

well, I've been thinking of a trip we are about to take, wanderlust, ending of school, and how dear friends are to my heart. ;)

your goosey girl.
tending her garden @

Emily Ruth said...

This is so true, m'dear! Right now I am thinking about all of the things that were thrown at me that will happen in this coming week - craziness! But they're mostly fun things, so it's okay. :)

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