To simply listen.

January 7, 2012

Throughout the whirlwind of today- you know- the fast paced lives, everything must be perfect to a "t," that feeling of insignificance it has become so difficult to simply listen.  Reading something without just scanning it over, listening to a story and hanging on every word, saying something and really being sincere.  To look at a picture and really, just be in awe of the beauty inside it.  To simply listen to the beauty inside of everything.  Not just looking... but seeing too.  It's hard, I know.  But know this:  there is a uniqueness in everything and it's beautiful.  You just have to find it and acknowledge the beauty.

How many times have I missed out on advice, inspiration, a wonderful memory to be cherished because I simply did not want to stop and listen?  I didn't take time to find the good or the beauty in what was before me.

So now, I listen as I hear the whisper in the tree tops outside my window, the sincerity in my little sister's talking as she tries to voice her thoughts, I look for the good in a grainy picture and find, it's not how the picture comes that makes it inspirational...  It's what it is that matters.

I've been busy redoing my bulletin board and making the heart garland this week.  Twas what kept me busy with the good old hammer and such.  It was lots of fun and I *should* have a tutorial for the heart garland coming up soon.



Mikailah said...

Lovely photos! :) I love the heart garland. ;)


Grace said...

the heart garland is darling!!! how I should like to meet you one day so that we could craft all day long. ;)

I need to decorate my room a bit more, but how can one find the time? :)

love you,
your goosey girl.
come stop for tea @

Katie said...

so, I'm kind of in love with your room.
I think that is all.
PS- I do love this post. (:

Emily Ruth said...

Your little sister is adorable. I like your heart garland! I am excited for a tutorial. :)

Mikailah said...

Hello again! :) Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!!

I am really enjoying your blog, now that I have found it! ;) Thanks for posting such wonderful, encouraging things!


P.S. Also, thank you for signing my guest book! ;)

Gabby said...

Thanks so much, ladies, for all the sweet comments. They really made my day!


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