under my tree

January 2, 2012

It's quiet under here, under "my" tree.  A breeze circles and re-circles around me and runs her hand through the roof of leaves above me.  It's peaceful under here.  The sun jumps in and out of the leaves, one moment there's a flash of light on my face, the next it plays on my neck or my feet.  The grass glistens with a million drops of dew, and the sun makes each one a crystal gem- worth more than any jewel.  It's gorgeous under here.  Kumquats and satsumas and oranges hang gracefully above creating a roof of orange.  The only sounds are of the wind making the trees roar and the hoof beats of horses in a neighboring field.  It's perfect under here.  Who knows, maybe that's why I like it.

I push open a rusty metal cattle gate and slip away to a big gray barn, old and beautiful, weary from a long life and happy with the memories that came with it.  The hay loft hasn't got stairs or a ladder so one must climb to enjoy the soft hazy light that streams in and touches the bed of hay.

After climbing up, it's heavenly to simply flop down (creating a dust storm, of course) in the middle of the hay and stare up at the red- from-rust poles supporting the barn, listen to the faint thunder and drizzling rain outside, run your hands through the sweet smelling hay, and think about how lucky of a life you've got.  Maybe read a novel and journal while you're at it.  Hey!  Don't forget to bring up a big thick blanket to curl up with!

Usually here at Nana's and Pappaw's, everyday is like the one described above.  Just add multiple person solitaire (an age old family game that's well loved), photoshoots, country music on an old radio, made-from-scratch meals (believe me, you just can't beat that quality), gorgeous sunrises every morning, and lots of laughter.  Loads of the stuff.  And there is always coffee brewing, neighbors dropping by, old jokes being brought up again and again, funny stories that make you laugh until your sides ache, and to sit down most every evening on the patio listening to my Nana's stories in her southern drawl.  It's a gorgeous life here.

Take a deep breath in of that country air and smile while you watch a blood red sunset sink past sight and find for the hundredth time, that you're incredibly blessed.

Happy 2012, y'all


Grace said...

how lovely, m'dear!

love always,
your goosey girl.


Jessica said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to live on a farm, if only for a little while...

Emily Ruth said...

This is simply lovely, m'dear. It sounds like a perfect vacation. :)

Carli Nicole said...

Beautiful post! I love your descriptive writing style.


Gabby said...

Thanks so much, ladies, for all of your lovely comments!


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