She's my valentines

February 14, 2012

We were in the kitchen, boiling water for tea (courtesy of Miss Grace) listening to "You light up my life" by Debby Boone.  Morgan danced and twirled and sang in her nightgown.  I watched her her for a while and smiled to myself.  Suddenly, I asked "Let's be each other's Valentines today, Morgan!"  She said okay.  We started to dance together (which we rarely aren't doing) up and down our narrow little kitchen, singing, screaming, yelling, and laughing, and just being each others.

As I sit here, reminiscing the morning, I realized that my sister has always been my Valentines.  Morgan has been my best friend, my confidant, my helper, and my "goozshum" and I'm her "berry" *just an endearing name that we made up and use for each other* That sounds strange to a lot of people as we're six years apart and she's being only eight years old.  Eight and a half- do excuse me.  But it's every bit true.  We've always been close and this year more than ever.

Morgan knows me like no one else does.  She knows everything I am and never has asked me for more than that.  We do get into tiffys sometimes but we usually get over it within little time and forgive each other without having to say anything much.

I grin as I happily realized that she's my Valentines.  And always has been.



Jessica said...

how cute! I love her smile♥ great post.

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Emily Ruth said...

Morgan is just too sweet. It's amazing that you have that great relationship with your little sister!


Hannah said...

How sweet and your pictures are lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this! I seem to recall one Valentine's Day in high school when your mom and I were valentines. :)

Aunt Jenny

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