February 20, 2012

"I jumped out of bed that morning with one question in my mind- sun or fog?... on a rare and magic day- a white winter sun broke through." -The Hiding Place.

I felt the same way as I woke up this morning.  I looked out my window above my dear old desk and saw there was a hazy morning sun in the back of several gray clouds.  The tree that stands outside my other window had a cluster of chattering birds.  It was like they were singing just for me in their sweet, shrill little voices.  I stayed in bed a little longer, enjoying myself immensely, listening to a chorus of feet and whispers downstairs.

As I found my favorite clothes, I saw and remembered a whole a year in my mind's eye.  I thought back to my 14th birthday.  I was a girl sure that she knew everything and could handle life very well and was completely grown up.  Ha!  There was to be much struggling and learning with that idea in my head...  But I'd like to think that I've- at the most- matured.  I can confidently say that I've got a better grasp on what life is and what's important and what's not.  What fights are worth fighting and which dreams are worth pursuing and what dreams aren't worth chasing.  I don't say that I haven't anything left to learn- on the contrary- I know that I've got a huge big life ahead and it's going to be brim full with choices, hard decisions, tears, and trials.  But I do have a choice whether or not to greet them with a smile or a sigh.

While I am very much ready for what fifteen brings, and what this thing we call "growing up" will exactly all about, I find myself saddened to leave my year of fourteen.  It was a good year for me.  I've learned a lot and found  to love so many things- photography, baking, writing, blogging, and crafting- to say a few.  My life has indeed changed very much since a year ago, but I love my life right now for what it is.  I know now that I should expect a million more changes in my life but for now, I like where I am and want to enjoy it and live it fully.



Jessica said...

that third shot is amazing♥ happy birthday soon!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Miss Gabby!

I hope fifteen brings another amazing year for you, and a new opportunity to have a deeper relationship with God!

mary ann said...

that third picture is amazingly gorgeous! happy birthday, gabby :)

Grace said...

Happy Birthday, my darling friend!!! Indeed, fourteen was a difficult year for me and took a lot of "growing up" lessons to learn, but fifteen is becoming even more beautiful. ;)

I hope you had a beautiful day!
your goosey girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gabby! I am from Grace's blog and wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful day. Treasure every second of your life-you'll only be 15 once. ;)

Johanna said...

Hello Gabby, dear! I saw Graces beautiful post for you yesterday, and purposed to write you all day... yet sadly, I wasn't able to stop by in time. ^_^

But I hope you will accept my sweet birthday wishes for you today... May this year be full of the Lord's sweet presence and love.

serving tea and scones @

millsmcg said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Gabby!!!


Faith said...

You are very introspective for your age! Your blog is just lovely.

Acacia said...

Hello dear Gabby!
I saw Miss Grace's post and simply had to come and wish you a happy birthday! Have a happy one! And may God bless you in this coming year. :)

xo, a c a c i a

Emily Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope fifteen is a good year for you. :)

kristi's life said...

Sounds like you are having a great time with your friends. Hear your mom fixed the table all up for you. Anxious to see more pictures with that new camera. You are special to me!!

Gabby said...

Thank all of you SO very much. I really appreciate and love the comments. You guys are my favorites.


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