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February 25, 2012

1.  Baby.  She's indeed here. She's beautiful and new and by far my favorite present ever.  (I call her baby just because my Nana has always called me that and I've always related that to home.  Also, I love that name for an endearment so "Baby" she is).  Baby is a Nikon D3000 with a 200-55 mm lens and a 18-55 mm lens.  To say I am slightly obsessed would be a major understatement.  Try "in love" and you'd get a bit close to the truth.

2.  Aperture.  It's amazing all I can do is shake my head and say "where have you been all my life," and shoot away.  The soft, hazy blur in a picture delight and thrills my eyes and I can't believe that I can actually create that gorgeous effect in a picture.  Bliss is something I could get very used to...

3.  I like ruffles.  And lace.  Or you could say "I like luffles and race" just to be fun, but either way is pretty good.  Anyways, ruffles and lace are so very likeable because they are so very flexible, dainty, pretty, and cheap (if you can find them whilst thrifting) and they're amazingly lovely.  The creamy colors grace any decoration or project and give it a vintage flair.  I have a rather large collection of ruffles and lace.  Or luffles and race, if you will.  I've come by them through antique stores, friends, thrift stores, scrap boxes, etcetera.  The simply have an old fashioned charm about them that makes them irresistibly pretty.

4.  Old books.  Antique, purely vintage looking books.  Have you ever read or looked through a book 40 or 50 years old?  It's a delight and treasure.  The whole personality and aura of the soft yellow pages, faded gray ink, small spaced letters that make up the gigantic words that were used back then is like taking a breath of old air from a long gone world that you and I can only wish we could see.

5.  Watching a great movie with friends.  There's simply something about snuggling down under a blanket or two, laptop playing at the end of your bed, and a bunch of girls whispering and giggling over quotes, scenes, characters, etcetera.  Everyone perfectly happy and joyful and just enjoying friendship to the fullest.

What are your favorites?

p.s. thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday notes!  I loved them all and feel so blessed. <3


Jessica said...

that first book shot is amazing. i love old books♥ congrats on the camera!

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Oriana said...

Congrats on your new camera! Pretty pictures.(:

Emily Ruth said...

Your baby looks amazing, dear! I like your lace and ruffles photos, too.
Today I was hunting through my stationary box to find the perfect card and I stumbled upon a card that had a drawing of a teapot and teacup on the front and said "Happy Birthday" on the inside and I thought of you. *smile*.


Grace said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for you, darling! You are simply a lovely photographer as is, so WITH a Nikon you're going to be beyond amazing. :)

I simply love the photographs of the lace.

your goosey girl.

Eve said...

I love both of your book shots! They're amazing! <3 Hope you have many adventures with your new Nikon. ;)

eve @ essence of eve

p.s. Happy belated birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Gabby, I am so very happy for you! Your pictures are great and I especially love that 4th picture! I cannot wait to see what other great pictures you have in store!

Much Love, Rosi

Anonymous said...

I love the shot of you holding Baby. Your hair looks so lovely up that way. :)

Happy birthday! Can't wait to see how many great pics you and Baby take together.

Aunt Jenny

Caroline said...

Congratulations, Gabby! I love all the pictures you take; your so good!

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