Silent and Happy

February 9, 2012

Up on my little perch (which happens to be my dear old wooden desk) I see a slow falling world of white.  These delicate and powdery snowflakes fly daintily down out of no where and up above, is a light gray sky quickly to fade into utter darkness.  Slowly, tiny drifts of snow build up on leaves, branches, the ground, and long dead blades of grass.

Opera plays softly in the background, and children in the next room laugh and giggle at some mysterious joke.  The wonderful smell of a homemade supper finds its way into my little corner of the world.  My southern mama can cook like nobody's business and I'm so lucky to have her.  It's warm here in the cottage and I gaze out the cold window to see a world of a delicate, frosty white.

I like the spontaneous nature of these prairies...  The fact that snow can come so very mysteriously out of no where.  It takes you by surprise and increases the beauty of it.  It made my day pleasantly special.


p.s. excuse my "little" break from blogging.  It was so very refreshing and inspiring to be on the computer less.  I loved every minute of it but am so happy to be back.


mary ann said...

Beautiful photos! I love snow... we haven't gotten any yet where I live, which is very unusual and slightly maddening.
I finished a blogging break a few weeks ago; it was lovely!

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely post, dear! Your photos are simply beautiful.
I missed you, but I understand. I am glad that you are back. :)


Katie said...

Beautiful pictures Gabby! <3

Grace said...

This is lovely, deary! What program do you use to photoshop your photographs? Now that Pinic is shutting down, I am in need of a new editing program. :P

Love you always,
your goosey girl.
tending her garden @

Jessica said...

loving the words. "as i sit atop my perch, which happens to be my desk..." made me feel like i was there! great post, and lovely shots.


Gabby said...

Thanks, y'all :-)


kimberly said...

Oh, those pictures are just gorgeous! Love it!

Sonja said...

Beautiful, Gabby! I love the photos.. I actually just posted about snow.. ours wasn't as much as yours, but still.. Snow is lovely. :-)


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