Happy days

March 9, 2012

These days have been following each other in a comforting steady rhythm- like your heart beat.  These simple sweet days are the ones I want to remember because they stay steads but are always different, holding unique and beautiful moments and happiness.

My little project has been collecting cloth napkins for my hope chest.  I found a set of eight vintage, beautiful, embroidered napkins at a antique store this weekend- I know- eep!  I've been crocheting a lace edging around them- whatchy'all think?  There's something about cloth napkins that get me every time... maybe it's the scarcity you find those sorts of things during day to day life.  Next up: napkin rings!

Loving fresh eggs.  Who wouldn't?  That cute little shape they have, the complete country look when in a gray carton, and their general happy demeanor just makes them so loveable.  (Yes, I’m very much aware that I’m crazy but in my own defense, that was an inevitable inheritance.  Ahem.)  The nice thing about the dear things is that their colors can vary from cream, dusty pink, faded peach, nutty brown, and white.  Gotta love em’.

Earrings.  I didn’t think I’d ever be crazy about jewelry but earrings?  Quite.  I’m keeping mine in frame, dangling from wire.  They make me happy when I see them there.  Oh, and I followed this tutorial to make it.

So, how's your week going?

p.s. I'm going on a shot weekend trip with my daddy and brother...  maybe I'll have some pictures to show.


Jessica said...

Um, okay, I am SO making that earring frame! Thanks for linking back to the tutorial =D My week is going pretty good -- although, i may have to have my wisdom teeth cut out... we'll see =(

Willa Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures, Gabby! Your post was so sweet and full. You make me smile :)

Emily Ruth said...

Oh my goodness. I just *love* those egg photos! What do you edit your photos with, m'dear? They're always so lovely. I saw that earring holder, and I realized that I need to make one to keep all of my earrings organized. *smiles*.

Oriana said...

Beautiful! I love your earring frame..it's so vintage.(:


Grace said...

Those napkins are swoon worthy. *swooning* I simply love the lace trim --- you crocheted that? Wow, now that's talent. ;) I simply adore going antique shopping...you shall definitely have to visit me so that we may peruse antique loveliness together.

Your photography is lovely as well - the lighting is ever so whimsical.

Yours forever more,
your goosey girl.
postscript ~ I received your goodies to-day and shall return a few promptly. ;) I apologize for not returning your e-mail. Will write one to you soon. <3

Hannah said...

Beautiful pictures Gabby! I also love the earring holder. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

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