March 27, 2012

March is baby greens pushing themselves out of the black dirt to meet their new life.  I took this picture lying on my stomach, by the way, and found out that adjusting not only your camera's angle, but your own as well, helps a lot in photography.

March is self portraits in my mirror that is for once clean.  *grins*

March is a ride out in the prairie country...  and taken pictures of it out of a car window that never gets clean.  Ahem.

March is perfectly stunning clear skies that seem to go on for miles and miles, all dripping in a liquid blue.  It's a feast for my eyes- I guess that figures as I have about fifty pictures of nothing else other than that.

March is branches bursting in lime and green leaves.  My daily routine has been setting up a blanket of sorts on the ground under the shade of our trees with a book, some knitting, my camera, and maybe a nice long chat with a friend.

March has been perfectly lovely.  Hows yours goin'?


Eve said...

Adjusting your own angle... yeah, that's true. I try to restrain myself though, for the sake of my clothes. ;P
Car window photos are the best! IMO, they all have a vintage feel. ;)

eve @ essence of eve

Emily Ruth said...

It's okay, our car windows rarely get cleaned. *laughs*.
I am glad that you have had a good March! My March has been lovely but way faster than I expected. Usually March is a long month, but our beautiful weather made it go by faster. *smiles*.


mikailah said...

Beautiful pictures! :) It is SO hard to believe that March is almost over. I loved your descriptions of March. Beautiful. :)

-Mikailah - come by and visit! :)

Caroline said...

Gorgeous, Gabby! I have a question for you... do you have a blog button? If so, could you explain how to put it onto my blog? Thanks!

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