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March 24, 2012

There's something about that golden light in the evening, spilling all over the stilling world, that beckons me outside to behold it's beauty.  There's really no other time like the "golden hour"- not even sunrises- that quite equals it.  Maybe it's the comforting thought that everything is going to sleep and the sunset is the last kiss of light and warmth we'll get until the morrow.  Maybe it's how everything that the light touches becomes illuminated and highlighted.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just drawn to it because it's beautiful.  Either way, I love that special time of day when the last bit of gold light is flickering out of the sky.

Since the days are so much longer and a lot warmer, I've find myself outside more; digging my toes in the wet ground (a guilty pleasure of mine *cough*), taking endless pictures of trees in bloom, craning my neck to look up at the sky and see... blue!  Nary a cloud in the sky for miles.  Frequent trips to antique stores, going out with mama just she and I... and perhaps trying a new flavor of ice cream.  Raspberry cheesecake anyone?  And lots of sunshine.  Of course.

Strawberries.  Doesn't that just say summer, y'all?  Mama and Morgan laugh and call me crazy as I snap pictures of the dear things when I should be cutting or rinsing them.  Well, strawberries are cute, you know.

-yours truly


Emily Ruth said...

Oh, yes. Family members laughing while I photograph food is a familiar feeling. *smiles*.
Your photos are sooo lovely, m'dear! Golden hour is amazing.


mary ann said...

These are so pretty! I love the strawberries :)

Grace said...

Your photographs leave me breathless, m'dear. You have quite the talent.

Love you, deary!
your goosey girl.

>>----> tending her garden @ Grace's Garden Walk

Jessica said...

don't let em give you any shine about snapping pictures of strawberries. strawberries are lovely!
Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Kianna Rose said...

I love the photographs of the strawberries.

Kianna Rose

mikailah said...

beautiful pictures, Gabby! :) i love strawberries. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabby!

Love the pictures, you are becoming quite the photographer!

I've a question to ask of you, if you could please email me, I;d be much thankful :)

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