the world anew

March 5, 2012

I see it everywhere; this slow tantalizing, intriguing world coming back to life.  I can hear it.  Birds warbling and twittering, the trees shaking and dancing in the wind that whispers of spring.  I can feel it.  The sun on my face, a blue sky giving volume to my world, the light touch of small plants ascending from dirt.  The taste in the air is warm and sharp- it's fresh and new.  As I observe, I notice that while everything is changing back to the same old, same old, there's this silence that plays everywhere.  A silent song playing third fiddle in the background; some song I can't quite hear but suspect it's the breath held in, that expects and hopes and prays for spring to come, that daren't believe it's here.

Something I particularly love about spring is the fact that while a whole new page of life is beginning, everything doesn't all change at one.  It just passes over, becomes part of someone's prime.  The requiem of the old year is acknowledged so we turn with open arms to a new life, happily awaiting her flight and slow awakening.

With spring, I'm looking forward to long days blooming in the sunlight, plants to "mama" with all the love they can possibly get, more opportunities for photography adventures, and lots of chances to thrift.  Hopefully a project or two to work on as well... *hint hint*

How's your week?


Grace said...

this. is. lovely. you are blossoming into becoming quite the photographer. ;)

love ya,
your goosey girl.
>>----> tending her garden @

mary ann said...

These are gorgeous, Gabby! I'm in love with the first picture.
I had a snow day today, so that was a good start to the week :)

Emily Ruth said...

So far, we still have snow. *smiles*. But I am still looking forward to spring time with all of it's bright colors, warmer temperatures...ahh.


Jessica said...

Love that last one. And the farm-fresh eggs. And the newly-sprouting plants... They are all so lovely!

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Mikailah said...

Lovely photos! :) I am looking forward to Spring too. :)


Rachel said...

I love that egg shot! I have 22 chickens, and I love feeling the warmth of them on my fingertips!

Godsgirlz1 said...

Can't wait for spring too!

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