So long, y'all

April 19, 2012

I remember talking to a good friend about how much I'd like to start a blog.  She said I'd be good at it and give it a go.  I did.  I remember pressing that "make a blog button," and I was officially an ambitious homemaker on the web!  Still am, actually, although somewhere between times changes happened.  But maybe it really wasn't an inflicted change, perhaps it only happened.  I don't know.  This quote says it best:

"I'm not a bit changed--not really. I'm only just pruned down and branched out. The real me- back here- is just the same."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery,
Anne of Green Gables

Thinking now about that first blog post makes me laugh.  I was writing a mile long document with no nonsense, and no pictures.... nothing like I write now.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but I soon discovered a busy little world of young lady bloggers who I could look up to and admire.  They were Christian, they were homeschooled, some were even country gals!  It was heaven.  But something funny happened- I wanted to be like those girls.  Those uncomfortably confidant girls.  I was- and still am- painfully shy.

Then of course, I tried to mimic them.  My posts shaped up like theirs, my interest in photography grew as I saw all these young ladies' beautiful pictures, clothes (which frankly, have never interested me in the least) began to be kinda neat.  And before I knew it, I was one of those girls.  Or something like them.  My interests changed to those fads that all the "other girls" liked.  Like thrifting, knitting, photography, clothes hunting et cetera.  And now, I'm really not quite sure what I really like, or what I tell myself to like because everyone else likes it.  That's the thing about blogging, ya know?

But I have figured out one thing!  I am so muddled I don't know myself very much.  But I do laugh when I think about that girl from December 2010 in long hair (I could care less if I used shampoo, eggs, or tea to wash it), a t-shirt, a thoughtful mind, and nary a clue in the world about that world of blogging girls.  While I don't really believe in people who have to "find themselves" I would kinda like to take a long break from blogging to help develop my interests n'such.  So, this is my last post for a looooong while.  I'm off to discover, you could say, to find and explore that lovely thing called life.

I really appreciate every little comment and all my dear followers.  Y'all are the best!  So, it's so long for now.


April 14, 2012

Oftentimes, as I review my week in my mind, I go through picking this n that in regards to what to write on my blog. Usually, I find my best picture, my best moment, the most interesting thing that happened, and do my best to write a beautiful post. Today, I just thought I'd pile a bunch of pictures and give you an idea of what my life looks like... unedited.

This may or may not sound silly, but this is something I've wanted to do for a longgg time.  It was rather a relief to simply say what I liked without a care in the world, and not to pour meticulously over my pictures.  So, whatcha think?

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

this n' that

April 8, 2012


To the right, a mountain of clouds were piled high, wide, and larger than life.  A vast emptiness between me, and it.  I was happy to take pictures and dream of the billowy, white, frightening mass.  To my left, was a typical prairie sunset.  A shadowy piece of land, a sun making her descent beyond eye's sight, a sky fading to purple, and clouds looming close to the earth.  It is a sight to remember.

These are the dear lovely plants I am "mama-ing."  They stay nice and comfortable on the window sill in my room.  Just the other day, I pinched a leaf of my sweet basil very lightly, bent down to smell it, and was overjoyed to smell the sweet, spicy, zang of the promising little plant.  I can scarcely wait until it grows huge and busy!

Did I mean to post this?  I'm sure I didn't... ah well.  That was Aidan and I, up earlier than everyone else one morning.  Gotta love that child.


European peasant bread with about five ingredients and the best taste you'll ever meet with, as such.  So long as you make sure to completely bake the middle, you're good.  (Who wants a raw dough filling?  Ahem.)  Overall, however, it was wonderful; although I mourned over it's slightly irregular chicken shape to Mama.  It does look rather like a chicken's body- doesn't it?  It was rather startling when I realized it.


Sitting curled up in bed, listening to country songs, crocheting hearts to my hearts content (no pun intended) has become an afternoon habit.  Truthfully, when I meet with a pattern that is easy, and is essentially adorable, I end up obsessing over it, hence, a half of a dozen crocheted hearts can be found here and there all over my room.

Little baby plants.  Need I say more?

This gal.  She accompanies me on ventures outside; knitting in hand, a book to read aloud, and a tall glass of iced water.  We're in the habit now of sitting underneath the fully awakened trees, laying on a blanket, and taking turns reading aloud.  Morgan and I absolutely love "Anne of Green Gables."  I've read it several times and am *so* happy to get to share it with her.  If you haven't read it, please do, it's bound to make your day.  When she and I are through with a chapter, we glance at each other and sigh.  "Can't we read just one more, Gab?"  The girl knows me well.

So.  How are y'all doing?

p.s. Happy, happy Easter.  I hope yours was as wonderful as mine.  He rose today, 2000 years ago!  What a beautiful gift!

Rain, rain, rain

April 4, 2012

I love when it rains.  It's comforting, isn't it?  How home is so warm and cozy, and outside, a tempest rages away?  I love how the lights go out and then all of the candles are brought out and lighted (we may or may not have used garden lights to help light up the house).  I love writing in my journal by the clear light of a pouring sky.  I love how suddenly, the storm calms.  The rhythm of the thunder fades away, the flashes of lightening cease, and the beating of the rain on the roof slows to a steady soft hum.  I love slipping outside barefoot to take pictures of the beautiful, soaking world.  I love how it's all hazy and quiet- like everything is afraid to breathe after the power of the storm.  I just love thunderstorms.

Do excuse my absence in posting- I'm still trying to figure out how to quite schedule everything.

p.s. just wondering...  do y'all have any tips for me for being a better blogger?  Just wanting to hear from my followers ;-)