the girl

There are so many things I love...  It's hard to share and credit them all properly :-)  I love King Jesus above all things.  Then there's my family, my camera, my knitting and yarn, my dear little blog to say the least.  My interests are rather wide and varied, but to narrow it down it would definitely be crafting in general, scribbling poems and stories, drawings et cetera, taking pictures, reading rather extensively, thrifting and homemaking.  Oh and blogging :-)

My blog is my vent for my feelings, place to share my life, the little spot on the web that I consider my home, and really, my foundation for getting inspired.

So stop and stay a while, will you?


Emily Ruth said...

Gabby dear, I simply love this!

Mikailah said...

Love your blog, Gabby! :) <3 I am actually doing the heart garland tutorial today for the first time! :)

Keep up the good work! ;)

Mikailah~ :)

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